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Bringing back some of the old music quality

Back in the days of the 70´s, music was appreciated for its instruments and the quality sound that they used to project. During 2000 to 2003, we were going through a period of time when it was all about computer effects. The sound wasn’t real, it wasn’t made by the hands of the musicians and it was impossible to identify with it. The music was just not worth listening to it. Luckily thanks to our old school legends, music has been improving time after time.

When there were no computers and no machines to create anything musical, artists were forced to use their skills and knowledge, to make the perfect sound. They cherish every single instrument, from the different kinds of pianos to a simple acoustic guitar. The quality of the sound was a priority and they practiced to make sure that the people, who were listening to their music, felt every single note of their work. They also wanted to take you on the journey of what they were personally living through, so the music would actually place you in their time and space.
Some examples of excellent musicians of this music were, The Beatles, according to the Rolling Stone magazine, they changed the world overnight, their music was so authentic that after 40 years they are still the influence of musicians today. Also, one of the most rated article of the Rolling Stone Magazine says that Hendrix is known as the king of the guitar, as somebody who can played the guitar without even touching it.
These artists songs took our minds far away from reality, and when you heard the instruments that they played, you had to listen to the song until it was finished.

Now, let’s talk about the music during 2000 to 2003. It’s not that I don’t like them or think they’re trash. No way. Music is music after all. But, we have to admit that through this period it was lacking many important factors that music used to have.
Most of the music was coming from computer effects. If you didn’t have a band and you wanted to make a song, you could automatically get the notes of the guitar and the drums at the same time from the computer while you sang. It’s awesome how technology has advanced, but what is not awesome was giving our listeners, the sound of instruments that were not played by us. Artists didn’t need to have a good voice, because if their vocals tones were weak, the computer will arranged them. As long as you looked pretty, belong to a boy band and could sing some corny things you were in. Not fair and totally un-cool.

Luckily music has evolved through time, and yes we need new effects and other stuff, but that doesn’t mean that we should let a machine do all the work for us.
For music fans like myself, this has been a concern. And with the help of the demanding audiences, the attitude towards music has been changing really fast. The good news is that now people are trying to rescue some of the old school.
Musicians are trying little by little, again to make quality music, to actually be prepared vocally and instrumentally and not just choreographically.
If today, you want to be an artist, your pretty looks should not help you make it through. You should have to be able to do everything on stage, and prove yourself constantly. People are starting to care about this again and it’s good, because not only are we evolving with the musical effects of the moment but we are bringing back the quality that was once starting to be lost.

So, keep on supporting the quality of music. And if you are going to spend 20 dollars on some artist make sure that he or she gives you his or her soul in every single tune, so you can be transported into a journey of a life time.
Let’s not let the magical moments die.

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Dylan dijo...

I like this article, the music industry is goign down the gutter and as much as they want to blame it on piracy, that fact is sales are way down because the music sucks.

Everybody want to sell you something through music. It used to be that musicians sold their ideas (and themselves of course, self promotion is a constant for artists of any kind) through their music. Now everything is about selling you ring tones and shoes and bags, etc...

Videos used to kick ass, now their a glorified infomertial.